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Our Dragon Boat Festival

More than 2000 years ago, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan’s exile at the way successive heard die -off and break the bad news after and despair, bang, rolling into a torrent of Jiang. 2000 years later, annual lunar May fifth day has become a traditional holiday–the Dragon Boat Festival, people on that one day wrap up zongzi, boil egg and row dragon boat ,in a variety of ways to commemorate the great patriotic poe.This time on such an significant day, the company organized a hiking activity.

Afternoon,when sun was shaded by dark clouds, all stuffs kept in line, under the lead, with a flag and a bottle of water in everyone’s hand, we set out. Shortly afterwards, beads of sweat stood out on everyone’s forehead., however, it’s nothing under the accompany of fellows. Destination is not so far that we soon arrived the foot of mountain,spent a few time on collection,we started our trip again. At first,we moved steps one by one and not felt tired until a gust of wind puffed the clouds away,meanwhile,sun light poured on our face with intolerant temperature entered our bodies, even hadn’t reach the halfway up to the mountain,we all sweated heavily. ‘Never give up!’ our slogan has rooted in everybody’s heart, we insisted our footsteps and not to stop.

When on the hillside, sight was viewed totally, mild wind touched our checks, at the moment,all sweat and weariness disappeared. A while for resting,we moved to top slowly,tired body came back for us,’Come on! hold it ’a fellow encouraged us by inspiring words.Forgot how much time it spent,we finally got to the top, the happiness for conquering the mountain can not express by any words.

In laughter, we played several team games such as tug of war, five of the six-foot, puzzle game,drawing for guess and so on. At last, all we had a group photo taken with a unforgettable memory left in our heart.