(Last Updated On: 04/05/2017)

16mm high flat metal push button switch with wire(FLM16□□-HW-E-10-T)

Product Introduction

This is 16mm high flat Stainless Steel Push button Switch(FLM16□□-HW-E-10-T) from FILN,Following are DETAILS:

There are almost 2.8 pins metal push button Switch in the previous market, so Customizes have to make extra payment for connectors and wires, then link and setting or welding them on the button’s foot, heat-shrink tube, too. How inconvenient that is, Not only cause lots of trouble, but waste much time and money.

Thus in order to serve Customizes better and make Customizes more convenient, we developed the wired IP67 waterproof metal push button Switch which wire has connected with button. What’s more, depending to Customize’s requirements, we can link up different terminals to wire so that our Customizes can directly use them with convenience.

Notes: Tri-colors metal push button are mainly used in industrial electrical equipments, medical & marine facilities, etc.

  • Metal Part:304 Stainless Steel
  • Screw Cap: H62 copper material (3mm thickness)
  • Wire: AWG22 PTFE
  • Current: up to 10A
  • Tri-colors custom: red&green
  • Metal Parts: 304 stainless steel
  • &blue / red&green&yellow (Common cathode / common anode metal button can also be produced )
  • Endportion:Temperature-resistance waterproof black potting ( Pls refer to right pic)

For the Tri-colors push button Switch, the white wire is for power cord, black one is LED concentric line, red, green&blue wires stand respectively for red light,green light and blue light.

Besides, we get various connecting terminals.

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