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10MM 0.39inch 12V metal lndicator light without wire(FL1M-10FW-1)

10MM 0.39inch 12V metal lndicator light without wire(FL1M-10FW-1)

1.Metal material is made of copper H62 which under the work of CNC machinezinc in high precision, and chromium plated appearance make products looks more superior.
2.Plastic part of indicator adopted Germany imported nylon material.
3.The LED of this lndicator lamp is non-polarity, so it can help you avoid wrong connection.The longevity of LED is up to 50,000 hours.
4.The wire of it is made of AWG24 PVC.We can add connect terminal according to different length of wire from Customizes’requirements add connect terminal.
5.The products voltage can be produced in 3V,6V,12V,24V,48V,110V,120V,220V,380V, etc.
6.The indicator light get 5 colors,they are red,green,yellow,blue and white.

Metal indicators common used in coffee makers,electrical installations,refrigeration equipments,motor vehicle,motorcycle and medical facilities and so on.

Then introduce our company’s production of the indicator lamp. It supports custom, is a fast shipping car led light bar t10 7 led indicator
, flat head and waterproof,  stainless steel. Imported from the United States LED, good quality and long life.

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