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0.55inch 14mm stainless steel Flat waterproof right direction indicator light without wire (FL1M-14FJ-1)

Directions indicators vehicle dynamic information of the primary device, installation at the front and rear of the vehicle.start work when car turning. It is to provide a guarantee driving safety, for safety, we must according to the provisions of the use of steering lamp, make people know ahead of time the car trends and make the correct judgment. Car to the general plane intersection, should according to the size of the width of the road, traffic and then speed, at a distance of 30 to 10 meters intersection place, according to the direction of the turn open turn lights, such as turning left or left lane change must turn on the left turn signal. Into a junction with a guide lane, should be turned into the guide lane before turning on the lights. Open too early for car forgot to turn off the steering lamp “illusion, open too late is caused by pedestrians and vehicles due to react to the event of an accident.

Then introduce our company’s production of the indicator lamp. It supports custom, is a 14mm with lines indicating lamp, flat head and waterproof,  stainless steel. Imported from the United States LED, good quality and long life.

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